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    Auckland, New Zealand

    Watercare House

    Lighting the Watercare House, New Zealand

    Delivering truly sustainable solutions with no compromise on customer experience.
    Watercare, Auckland Case Study

    The best
    night time,

    lighting solution we’ve ever had on a building”

    - Jason Gerrand of JCY Architects

    Watercare, Auckland Case Study
    Watercare, Auckland Case Study

    Customer challenge


    The interior required a customised lighting design solution while the exterior required a powerful lighting solution that could illuminate the architectural facades to transform Watercare House into an eye-catching landmark at night.

    Watercare, Auckland Case Study

    The right lighting


    14 Philips ColorGraze Powercore LED lighting fixtures were installed along the lower edges of the extruding cassette elements, integrated into the architecture. The use of cables and plugs that integrate both power and data also dramatically simplified installation and helped lower the total system cost. Each ColorGraze unit projects a thin blade of colour upwards from the window frame, accentuating the building's form with a powerful stream of light.

    Philips’ slim line Celino LED luminaires were fitted in the café and main foyer area to discreetly complement the architect’s minimalist ceiling design. For the office spaces, Philips CoreLine LED luminaires distribute a natural light conducive to worker comfort. By using the Philips CoreLine LED, the energy consumption for each luminaire was reduced to 41w, compared to the 62w of a comparative fluorescent system. Elsewhere, Philips LuxSpace and GreenSpace LED downlights were used bringing further, substantial energy savings.

    To address the NZ Green Building Council’s specified need for a controlled lighting system, the Philips Actilume Wireless system was installed in Watercare House’s interior. The smart technology of the ActiLume system means that state-of-the-art miniature sensors can assess the amount of natural light coming into a room, and can then dim or turn off lights accordingly. This smart lighting solution alone reduces energy consumption by up to 35%.

    Watercare House received a prestigious 5 Star Green Star rating by the NZ Green Building Council which signifies ‘New Zealand Excellence.’ "Philips Lighting has certainly delivered by ensuring that Watercare House tenants can now be guaranteed lower operating costs, higher energy efficiency and the improved comfort that comes from a 5 Green Star certification," says Gerrand.

    • LuxSpace Accent
      LuxSpace Accent
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