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    a dream hotel
    for clubbers

    Hotel Ushuaia, Ibiza


    Find out how hospitality lighting is creating the ultimate hotel experience for clubbers.


    The LED’s wall of the Ushuaia hotel lit up by Philips Lighting


    for our clients involves invoking sensations that have never been experienced before, and Philips has been a fantastic companion for this journey. They gave us brilliant ideas for this combination of lighting, screens and technology which creates the unique sensation we were looking for, but they also provided us with the security of work that was completed on time. We have only good things to say about Philips.”


    - Abel Matutes, Managing Director of Grupo Empresas Matutes


    Customer challenge


    Fiesta Hotel group is a multinational player in the hospitality industry, with 45 establishments all over the world. For its head office in Ibiza, it wanted to create a new concept for lovers of electronic music. Could Philips bring the dream to life?

    The right lighting 


    Fiesta was set on giving guests an unbeatable experience. In order to do this, it needed to create a luxurious hotel experience, which reflected the latest trends in music and technology. It also needed to give clubbers exactly what they expect from Ibiza – top DJ’s, exciting dance floors, and the magic of Ibiza’s beaches.


    Philips didn’t miss a beat. Lighting was a key part of the hotel’s new concept, so we began designing spectacular light setups that would create a magical atmosphere and enhance the musical experience. The hotel also wanted rooms to feature the latest entertainment technology, and guest safety needed to be protected by defibrillators throughout the complex.


    Philips put together a complete project that combined lighting, health and consumer products. It was successfully completed within the hotel’s near-impossible three-week timeframe. LED screens, together with high quality architectural and accent lighting, turned the hotel’s façade into a spectacular entrance. Inside, a variety of unique LED lighting effects created an exclusive and exciting atmosphere, guest rooms were livened up with state-of-the-art Ambilight HD TVs and iPod/iPad docks, and digital frames and monitors enhanced the reception area.


    The spectacular new lighting systems run on the lowest energy possible, which is helping Fiesta Hotel to keep costs down. The hotel now provides a world-class entertainment and hospitality service, with guaranteed support from Philips 24/7.

    Philips Solutions

    Philips Solutions

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