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    memorable stays

    Home@Feek, Antwerp, Belgium


    Find out how light is pleasing design-conscious guests at Home@Feek, Belgium.

    The design bed & breakfast

    in Antwerp, Belgium, delights customers with its combination of attractive Feek design and color-changing LED lighting.


    Customer challenge


    Home@Feek knows how to thrill design-conscious guests. Run by famous designer Frederik van Heereveld and his family, the bed and breakfast consists of three suites furnished with beautiful, clean aesthetics. How could light make these timeless designs even better?  

    The right lighting 


    For Frederik van Heereveld, style is everything. Catering for design-conscious guests who share his passion for presentation, it was important for him to find a solution that united style and lighting.


    Philips got to work, collaborating with van Heereveld and a Philips-owned lighting company, Ilti Luce. Each suite was customized with LED home lighting, which filled the room with a range of vibrant, enjoyable colors. This makes the hospitality experience more enjoyable and personal for guests, who can change the lighting to suit their mood.


    The system is based on Red Green Blue (RGB) High Power Mini Flux modules, integrated into the balloon luminaires and coves designed by Frederick. The lights are operated by the user, through our innovative ToBeTouched control. By simply brushing their finger on the controls, guests can change from a warm color, which creates a relaxing, intimate atmosphere, to a cool color, which delivers a fresh, bright, energizing ambience.


    Home@Feek showcases the power of great partnering. By bringing the work of a famous designer and Philips lighting together, visitors are offered a truly memorable hospitality experience.

    Matching moods
    with light

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