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Verhoef Access Technology,

The Netherlands

Benefits greatly from

MASTER LEDtube is the right choice for Verhoef Access Technology
Verhoef Access Technology MASTER LEDtube

Thanks to the
large energy

savings in combination with the low replacement costs, we made a savings of 60%.''
Dick Verhoef MASTER LEDtube
Verhoef MASTER LEDtube

Customer challenge


It was time to replace the existing fluorescent lighting again, it was the perfect moment to change over to a more energy-efficient and maintenance-free alternative. After comparing various suppliers, the MASTER LEDtube from Philips came out as the best.


The right lighting 


In total, around 2,100 units of the MASTER LEDtube were installed in the factory halls. This was made up of 1,700 units with a wattage of 31 W, and 400 units with 20 W. The capacitors were therefore removed from the existing fittings, which yielded extra energy savings. "In combination with the low replacement costs, this helped us realise savings of 60%," states Dick Verhoef, "whereby this investment has already been recovered in just 1 and a half years."

  • MASTER LEDtube EM/Mains T8
    MASTER LEDtube EM/Mains T8
    MASTER LEDtube của Philips tích hợp nguồn sáng LED vào hình dạng bóng đèn huỳnh quang kiểu truyền thống. Thiết kế độc đáo tái hiện hoàn hảo hình dạng của bóng đèn huỳnh quang truyề...

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