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a new benchmark
for green healthcare

Imperial College of London Diabetic Center, UAE


Find out how lighting is helping the ICLDC set a shining example as a green building.


Facade of Imperial College of London Diabetic Center, which Philips Lighting helped make a green building

Philips Lighting provided
exceptional design

and sustainable solutions enabling us to achieve the desired effect for the project ICLDC/AlAin. We are thrilled with the result, an impressive statement for one of the UAE’s premier healthcare facilities.”


- Engineer, Baraa Ali

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Customer challenge


In 2011, the Imperial College London and Mubdala joined forces. The idea was to tackle diabetes in the UAE with a new healthcare center. Philips was asked to meet environmental requirements and provide functional lighting for healthcare workers.

The right lighting 


As a center for healthcare, education, and research, the building would be home to a wide range of medical activities. The lighting had to meet functional requirements, while incorporating the designer’s creative inputs. At the same time, it was paramount that the lighting system was totally energy efficient.


LED lighting was ready to inject some innovation into the building. To fill the workspaces with glare-free light, LEDALITE Pique recessed luminaires were selected for their semi-indirect beams and high light-output ratio. In the corridors, clear navigation was provided by LuxSpace LED luminaires. In communal areas, Dayzone LEDs were installed to provide refreshing, crisp illumination that is reminiscent of daylight.


The internal lighting system provides flexible, comforting light that gives medical staff the clear visibility they need. Outside of the building, the façade has been giving an inspiring appearance by ColorReach PowerCore floodlights. Dynamic color effects enhance the splendour of the building, establishing it as an iconic landmark in the Emirate of Al Ain.


The ICLDC has been furnished with 100% energy efficient lighting. In some areas of the building, the energy consumption was reduced to 40% lower than local standards required – a glowing victory for the center.

eco-friendly lighting

The Team



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