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Better sleep

for seniors

Elderly Care Home,
Solingen, Germany

Find out how lighting supports the day-night sleep rhythm for elderly care home residents.
A patient and staff enjoying the clear vision at Elderly Care Home, Germany, illuminated by Philips Lighting

It is a great gift
to be able to make

a perceptible improvement to the well-being of our residents through light. Moreover, the simulated daylight pattern also has a positive impact on our staff.”


- Ralf Paschold, Care Home Manager, SV Group

The corridor of Elderly Care Home illuminated by Philips Lighting
A staff taking care of a patient at Elderly Care Home under dynamic lighting by Philips Healtcare Lighting solutions

Customer challenge


The Am Kirschbaumer Hof care home is making a difference. This modern facility aims to provide the best life it can for residents, by caring for them with a human touch and fostering individual personalities. Could lighting improve well-being and safety for residents and staff?

The right lighting 

In any caring environment, light can make an impact on the way people feel and behave. With this in mind, the Am Kirschbaumer Hof care home wanted to use lighting as a way to create a calming ambience in its new care center. It was hoped that light could help to reproduce the familiar rhythm of day and night, helping to regulate the sleep patterns of dementia sufferers.


Philips got to work installing a dynamic lighting system. The core elements of the setup are Savio Luminaires and Dynalite controls, which create a natural daylight pattern through changes in the brightness and color temperatures. The lights change from a bluer, brighter white in the morning to a warmer, subtler white towards the end of the day. These changes support the body’s natural circadian rhythm (body clock), so patients feel energized in the day, and are ready to rest in the evening.


The new healthcare lighting has helped to improve the quality of life for residents. The pleasant atmosphere aids sleep, helps people feel good, and promotes social participation. The high lighting level provides the residents and carers with better visibility, and gives more freedom of movement and security. In addition, the pleasant atmosphere improves well-being and job satisfaction for staff.


“A lot has changed in the care industry as a result of modern technology. A positive example is the dynamic lighting system provided by Philips. It helps our residents – particularly those suffering from dementia – to go about their daily routines.”

- Ralf Paschold, Care Home Manager, SV Group

Dynalite Controls

Dynalite controls

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Light that
calms and comforts

The Team

AM Kirschbaumer Hof


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