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    A flexible and intelligent energy saving system

    Making it  easy

    Services to suit you

    We can offer you a complete service package that includes everything from project definition and scoping, design and delivery through to monitoring and assistance with finance. You have the option of extended warranties with specialist diagnostic and expert support too.

    Lifecycle services philosophy

    What makes Philips unique is our ability to see the bigger picture and simplify the whole process of retrofitting or installing new lighting. We can work alongside you throughout the whole project and beyond, to help maximize the potential of your lighting system, both now and in the future – a true lifecycle services approach.

    Why choose Philips services?

    We’re not only a reliable partner, known for our high standards of quality and service, but we also take a forward-thinking approach to ongoing maintenance issues. Plus, as lighting technology advances, we can advise on the integration of new innovations into your already future proof GreenWarehouse system.