Gợi ý

    Ideal choice to illuminate

    this iconic tower

    Nonthaburi Clock Tower-



    The community along the lines of the Chao Phra Ya River has thrived along its banks for centuries and has developed a strong sense of community.


    Color Kinetics transforms environments

    through dynamic and more efficient uses of light. Its award-winning lighting systems and technologies apply the benefits of LEDs as a highly efficient, long lasting, environmentally friendly, and inherently digital source of illumination.”
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    Customer challenge


    In general, people think that just putting on a fresh coat of paint is enough to impress people. That may grab an audience’s attention for a day or two, but they will not stop and truly admire the structure so we have to think differently.


    The right lighting

    We need to create an impressive feature by using lighting and sound effects. As far as lighting is concerned our LED is an ideal choice to illuminate this iconic tower.

    The Philips Lighting team suggested to use Philips Color Kinetics LEDs Color Glaze, Color Blast and Color Burst solutions.
    • ColorGraze EC Powercore
      ColorGraze EC Powercore
      ColorGraze EC Powercore là bộ đèn tiết kiệm chi phí, có góc chùm sáng rộng 90° x 90° của chúng tôi, giúp làm nổi bật các đặc điểm kiến trúc, từ kết cấu bề mặt và các chi tiết đúc đ...
    • ColorBurst Compact Powercore
      ColorBurst Compact Powercore
      ColorBurst Compact Powercore là bộ đèn LED chiếu sáng công suất cao, đạt tiêu chuẩn sử dụng ngoài trời được thiết kế để chiếu sáng tạo điểm nhấn và chiếu sáng địa điểm. Bộ đèn này ...

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