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Natural light

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White light


Create a safer, more authentic atmosphere at night. Philips cutting-edge street lighting produces white light that is more natural-looking than traditional yellow illumination. White light also uses less energy and improves driver reaction times on the road. Welcome to a new era of street lighting.

Make locals feel proud at night

Give people fresh pride in their surroundings. White light gives an authentic look to buildings, streets, communal spaces, and even greenery.

Feel safer at night

Pedestrians should never be uncomfortable walking the streets at night. Reassuring white light makes it easier to recognise faces and distinguish colors, shapes, and other objects.
Two women are walking in a street illuminated with Philips white light

Preventing accidents

Make the road more secure. White light improves reactions on the road, making car accidents less likely, and making pedestrians less likely to trip.
Cars in a street effectively illuminated with Philips white light

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