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The most natural light source

is also the most economical

Daylight integration


Incorporating natural light into your store not only saves energy. It also enhances customers’ sense of well-being and boosts sales figures as a result.

Daylight harvesting with skylights


Daylight openings improve the lighting conditions in interior spaces considerably. Skylights are much more effective than windows here as a source of ambient light. In order to make the best possible use of this effect we develop an optimised lighting concept on the basis of a daylight calculation.


  • Reduced energy costs
  • Improved lighting conditions
Products on display under Philips LED lighting

Happy customers


Natural light can do so much more than simply save energy however. It releases greater levels of the ‘good mood hormone’ serotonin in the human body.

The result: your clients will enjoy spending time in your supermarket, they will stay for longer and sales will increase.


  • Promotes the well-bring of your customers and employees
  • Rise in sales of up to 6%*


*Study carried out by the California Energy Commission/USA in 2003

Closer look to Philips LED luminaires for fruits and vegetables


Products on display under Philips energy-saving lighting

Energy savings

Fruits under Philips LED lighting look as fresh as they are
Couple is walking in the aisles of a supermarket illuminates with Philips energy efficient lighting


Skylights let more light into the supermarket than normal windows.
People are looking at products illuminated with Philips LED lighting


People enjoy natural light more and will stay longer in your store.
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