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Luminous Carpets

A unique new way to make your floor design truly persuasive


This unique, patented flooring solution combines robust LED lighting from Philips with light transmissive carpet specially developed by Desso; represented by Tandus Centiva in North America and by Desso in Europe and Asia. It’s an innovation that fundamentally transforms the way people interact with a space, turning flooring into a dynamic canvas that engages directly with our senses and our natural inclination to seek out light. It brings a new found design freedom to architects and interior designers too, with countless application possibilities.

Luminous Carpets has four main applications

How it works


Luminous Carpets™ opens up a world of exciting possibilities. From pointing out safety exits and giving people directions or information, to creating a fully immersive experience that inspires occupants and visitors alike. While the idea is simple, the technology is advanced.


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Luminous Carpets for your project?


Of course you can connect to your contact within Philips, they can help you. If you do not have this link, please contact us directly via luminous.carpets@signify.com, or via our website.

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