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A flexible and intelligent energy saving system

System benefits

  Reduced maintenance

The LED luminaires used in our GreenWarehouse system have a reputation for reliability – with the addition of zoning, occupancy detection and controls that extend their lifetime further, even greater energy and cost reductions are possible – so you can enjoy a significantly lower cost of ownership compared to traditional lighting systems.

  Health and wellbeing

Better light quality means increased comfort. When people feel better they work better, which means increased productivity, so everyone’s happy. Our new generation of LED high-bay lighting gives more consistent light coverage, with no dark areas and better colorrendering, so workers can do their jobs more comfortably and customers can feel the benefits too.

  Reducing carbon footprint

Increasingly, organizations are being challenged to reduce their carbon footprint. Reducing your carbon emissions through our efficient GreenWarehouse lighting system offers energy savings of up to 50% – proof that lighting can make a valuable contribution to reducing both costs and carbon.

Controls without the complexity


The dimmable nature of LEDs means that wireless controls are a natural partner. While the cost and complexity associated with installing wired controls can be off-putting, our wireless system makes it easy, as we have combined everything together in one bundle and removed any complexity from installation, commissioning and day-to-day operation.

Achieving business goals


We understand the challenges you face, from a commercial perspective as well as a lighting one. Our pedigree in lighting means we’re uniquely placed to keep innovating. Philips spends more than any other lighting company on new product development (around 7% of turnover) – and our focus is firmly on enhancing your business efficiency.

Cost and energy savings at a glance

Typical payback on investement
Possible energy and cost savings
Additional energy saving with Constant Light Output

Speedy return on investment


Typical payback time for the Philips GreenWarehouse system is just three years, as the combined efficiency of LED plus controls and zoning results in up to 50% energy and cost savings. Constant Light Output – adjusting over-lighting by dimming down to the correct lumen level from installation can create up to 10% additional energy savings.

Up to


savings over 10 years

Total cost of ownership over a 10 year period

Return on investment example over a 10 year period