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Besides offering the most complete range of LED lighting solutions available, Philips offers full support to you. Information, training, LED certification, application advice, and easy-to-use tools. So you can stock a complete product range – without carrying too much stock. Guarantee hassle-free plug and play, without worrying about the consequences. And grow your business by offering your customers emerging solutions like connected LED.

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Getting the combination right

Looking for a complete solution for a specific application? New Application Bundles have been launched to make popular lighting applications and solution selection easy.




Do you get more and more questions about LED lighting solutions from your customers? Would you like to be able to easily and effectively answer their questions regarding LED as well as connected lighting? Or even go a step further, upsell them to LED? LED technology is evolving fast and lighting projects are becoming more and more complex.


That’s why we offer you wide range of online and offline educational resources that empower s you to make the most of lighting and help you to stay up to date.

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