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Keeping stores


Irma, Copenhagen, Denmark


Find out how energy saving lighting is helping Irma reduce its carbon emissions.

Products on display at Irma, Copenhagen lit by Philips energy saving lighting for supermarket

The lighting is a
good example

of us choosing the best solutions for all areas.''


- Lars Børresen, head of department of operating and engineering

Exceptional contrast and sparkle in the wine section at Irma supermarket by Philips lighting products
Exceptional contrast and sparkle in the wine section at Irma supermarket by Philips lighting products

Customer challenge


Irma is making special stores. It is the second oldest supermarket chain in the world, and it has a focus on quality products and environment-friendly practices. For its new flagship store in Copenhagen, the company was looking for a way to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Cove blue lighting in the columns enhance the appearance of the supermarket

The right lighting


Irma is no stranger to technology. For the new store, it introduced a number of initiatives such as a new cash register system, new info-friezes with 3D effect, and electronic shelf forefronts.  A major focus of these innovations was saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. The store even went so far as to use remote cooling, where chilled water is brought in from the ocean.


Energy saving lighting helped take the innovations even further. To create a pleasing atmosphere, ExactEffect LEDs were installed around the store. Because of the advanced optics, these luminaries offer precise light distribution, meaning they can be placed at larger distances. This leads to further energy savings, and the fixtures are perfect for highlighting products thanks to their excellent color rendering.


To enhance the store appearance, we installed ColorFuse Powercore around the columns inside the building. The lights create an attractive blue glow which gives the store a refreshing, modern feel. Because all of the new fixtures utilize LED technology, they provide heat-free operation, and minimal energy consumption.


The new LED light sources have a lifetime of approximately 50,000 burning hours in comparison to 10,000-12,000 hours for traditional lamps. As a result, the new supermarket lighting is essentially maintenance free.

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