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From derelict mine

to local asset

Genk, Belgium

Find out how lighting a derelict mine has helped the community in Genk to grow


Philips light up C-mine making it an outstanding landmark

The mix of
energy efficient, 

Standard and customized LED solutions have brought our historic site to life. Future events will be guaranteed the style that they deserve.”


- Wim Dries, Mayor of Genk


Attractive color lighting making the C-mine stand out
C-mine in the morning

Customer challenge


The C-Mine in Genk was an industrial relic. Once the site of a flourishing coal excavation business, its two metallic pit heads still dominate the local landscape. Wanting to beautify the square around the site and bring increased tourism to the area, local officials sought an exciting lighting concept.

The right lighting 

The centerpieces of the site are two gargantuan pit heads, which reach 50 and 70 meters high. The local council, which wished to preserve the history of the location, wanted to turn them into a stunning visual hub.


Philips had an innovative invention at the ready. Our breakthrough LEDline fixtures were positioned carefully along the insides and edges of the pit heads, filling the skeletal metal structures with colorful exterior lighting. At night, the pit heads are truly a site to behold. With the lights in place, they have been transformed into striking neo-industrial landmarks, paying tribute to their significance in Genk’s history.


Further LED landmark lighting systems were placed around the square’s perimeter, making it an enjoyable place to visit or pass through. The advantage of moving the lights away from the center of the square to the sides was that it shifts people’s attention to the magnificent structures around the site. The area has been made far more appealing, and Genk council benefits from low cost of ownership thanks to the energy-efficient, low-maintenance LED lights.


The entire community is benefiting from the renovated mine. Tourism has increased, and new business ventures on the site are funding a culture center for the arts.

Honoring town
history with light

The Team

Genk council




Hanneke Kijne HOSPER

Landscape Architect

Luc Peumans Painting With Light

Lighting Design

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